Why Compelling Video Storytelling Should Be a Priority at Your Nonprofit

By Kristen Evans on 10/06/2017

iStock-629200894-487758-edited.jpgDuring every fundraising event I helped to organize for 826 Boston, a literacy nonprofit based in Roxbury, MA, the lights dimmed and we hit play on our latest video.

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Why Multimedia Storytelling Matters for Nonprofits

By Kristen Evans on 09/22/2017

grantseeker_blog_image_multimedia.jpgDespite budget constraints, investing in multimedia storytelling is more important than ever for nonprofit success – and we can help you make the case for allocating more resources to communications strategies that work.

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How Mission Ambassadors Are Changing the Way Nonprofits Tell Their Stories

By Aaron Lester on 08/03/2017

ambassador_blog_image.jpgBrand ambassadorship is the new wave taking over marketing. Let's face it, the media-savvy among us harbor a healthy skepticism of marketing pitches. But we're much more receptive to the opinions of our own friends, or friends of friends. When we see the passion in others, it's contagious. It drives us to action.

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How Do You Know You Have the Right Data for Meaningful Storytelling?

By David Goodman, Director of Impact at Fluxx on 02/07/2017


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Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation Tells A Story of Hope in Arkansas

By Aaron Lester on 11/22/2016

Fluxx Live Webinar 4 Key_typo_fixed.pngThere is a story about Arkansas that is widely known by those who live and work there. It’s the story of failure and acceptance of failure. The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (WRF) believes the time has come to switch that narrative.

But telling a new story of Arkansas hasn’t come without its challenges.

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