Why Multimedia Storytelling Matters for Nonprofits

By Kristen Evans on 09/22/2017

grantseeker_blog_image_multimedia.jpgDespite budget constraints, investing in multimedia storytelling is more important than ever for nonprofit success – and we can help you make the case for allocating more resources to communications strategies that work.

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How to Track and Manage Your Grantseeking Operations

By Kristen Evans on 08/24/2017

iStock-515644070 (1).jpg

Successful grantseeking operations are as much about managing a wealth of information as they are about writing a stand-out proposal. From prospective funders to grant cycle deadlines, there’s plenty to track as you move grants through the pipeline.

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Today We Launch Grantseeker to Unite Nonprofits with Funders

By Jason Ricci on 06/13/2017

FLUXX015_523869486_4CP (2).jpg

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3 Ways to Ensure Capacity Building Grants Help Nonprofits Become More Tech Savvy

By Eliza Smith on 05/10/2017


Nonprofits are often forced into a “grantseekers dilemma.” For example, sometimes an organization applies for a grant that requires a certain kind of capacity, knowing they don’t have it, but hoping that with funding they can obtain it. It’s a lose-lose, for both funder and grantseeker, and reveals the critical importance of capacity building grants for effective nonprofits.

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3 Reasons Your Foundation is Not Too Small for Grants Management Software

By Aaron Lester on 08/24/2016


If you think your foundation is too small to warrant a grants management solution, think again.

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Grants Management Software Implementation? Don't Stress. You've got this!

By Aaron Lester on 05/10/2016


When you bring up the idea of implementing new technology at your organization, you can be met with skepticism from your team. They might say, “Yes, the technology sounds great, but the implementation will take too long and is difficult," or, "We simply aren’t ready for the change.”

This is a normal response, if not based on myth. Don’t worry. We can help get your team on board, and we can help you prepare for your implementation.

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Grants Managers Ask: Do I Even Need Grants Management Software?

By Aaron Lester on 05/03/2016


Do I really need grants management software? When you get right down to it, what can grants management software do for me and my foundation?

These are great questions – questions every grantmaker who wants to make a greater impact should be asking. To be sure, you may find that new grants management software isn't a priority on your foundation's technology roadmap. That's a call only you and your team can make. But before you make that decision, make sure you know the lay of the land and explore your options.

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4 Reasons Grants Managers Should Never Fear The Cloud

By Eliza Smith on 02/23/2016

Dont_Fear_the_Cloud.jpgCloud computing is everywhere, and it’s here to stay. “[Cloud] technology is no longer novel. In fact it has become the dominant paradigm in IT,” says Jim Lynch, of TechSoup. But despite its pervasive use, 39 percent of all foundations maintain their software and infrastructure in-house, according to a 2014 report co-written by the Technology Affinity Group (TAG) and the Grants Managers Network (GMN).

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Out-of-the-box or Enterprise: Choosing the Right Grants Management Software

By Michelle Wohl on 09/29/2015


Are you excited about Fluxx but left wondering which Fluxx Grantmaker platform – Streamline or Enterprise – is right for you?

Whether you are a foundation, corporate giving entity, government, medical research foundation, or nonprofit, we want to help you better understand what each version of our grants management solution brings to the table so that you can make an informed decision that will most benefit your organization’s needs and processes.

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