Online Grants Management Software: How Federal Government Grantmakers Can Improve the Grantmaking Process

By Beth Simone Noveck and Andrew Young on 04/05/2016

The way government grantmakers and many philanthropic institutions give out money to solve problems is stuck in the past.

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Impact and Evaluation in Philanthropy: The Journey Beyond Quick Fixes

By The Fluxx Impact Team on 03/31/2016

Like many of you, we have been hearing more and more about the need for evaluating grant outcomes and assessing the impact of philanthropic work. In fact, you cannot attend a conference, read an article, or follow a blog or anyone on Twitter these days without hearing the drumbeat for "Impact! Impact! Impact!"

At Fluxx, we are in full agreement on the need for evaluation as a means to inform funding decisions, to improve the development and implementation of grant services, and to sustain impact over time. The problem that we see, however, is that most of the guidance around assessing impact, and evaluations more generally, are "quick fixes" that lack a meaningful evaluative framework, and neglect to understand that the success and appropriateness of any evaluation are heavily influenced by the program being implemented and the capacity of the organization conducting the evaluation.

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Measurement and Evaluation: How Do You Know You’re Making an Impact?

By Jason Ricci on 03/11/2016

How do you know you’re making an impact?

This has become one of the most frequently asked questions by philanthropic leaders in recent years. Perhaps the question gets asked so often because a simple answer is elusive. There is no silver bullet. But answer the question we must.

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Beyond the Numbers: The Future of Measuring Impact

By Kristy Gannon on 06/27/2015

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Grants Managers: Blurring the Lines Inside Philanthropy (Grant Managers Network)

By Sara Davis on 01/26/2015

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Funder Collaboration: Can Philanthropy Really Join Hands and Sing in Harmony?

By Aaron Lester on 08/11/2014

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