ECMC Foundation: Brand New Grantmaker Hits the Ground Running with Fluxx Platform

By Aaron Lester on 11/18/2015

ECMC Foundation was founded in 2002, but the foundation took a substantial change in direction in late 2014 to rebuild itself as a grantmaking foundation focused on improving the educational outcomes of underserved populations through evidenced-based innovation.

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Grantmaker Transparency: The Dawn of a New Age in Philanthropy

By Aaron Lester on 11/17/2015

"People tend to be private about love and money, and in philanthropy, it's both," says Janet Camarena, director of transparency initiatives at Foundation Center.

It's only natural that, traditionally, philanthropy has unfolded behind closed doors. On the one hand, the freedom to make personal funding choices gives grantmakers the ability to stay above the fray, uninfluenced by both market and political pressures. On the other hand, it doesn't allow the public to understand, learn from, or think critically about philanthropy.

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Select Equity Group Foundation: Building Better Grantee Relationships

By Jaime Morocco on 10/29/2015


Rob Wilson was excited to take on the role of the executive director of the Select Equity Group Foundation, but he soon found that the process to get things done was not so simple.

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Blue Shield of California Foundation Focuses On Mission With New Grants Management Software

By Michelle Wohl on 10/27/2015

As Blue Shield of California Foundation began to grow and learn from and interact more with their grantmaking data, Grants and Contracts Manager Gwyneth Tripp recognized the need to move to a grants management solution that would grow with them and, more importantly, evolve with the industry.

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Central Valley Community Foundation Empowered by Greater Efficiency and Quality Data

By Jaime Morocco on 10/22/2015

Kelvin Alfaro, program officer at the Central Valley Community Foundation (formerly the Fresno Regional Foundation) knew there had to be a way to manage the grantmaking process more efficiently and effectively. Prior to 2013 the foundation was creating their own system of forms which made it tedious and time consuming to manage different grant cycles.   

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Alfred P. Sloan Foundation: Best Practices for a Successful Grants Management Software Implementation

By Michelle Wohl on 10/13/2015

Anne McKissick, the director of grants management and information services at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is well-known in the philanthropic community, having spent decades successfully managing grant operations and information services for private foundations. She inherited GIFTS, the grants management platform, when she joined Sloan but she knew that it wouldn’t provide the features that she needed.

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Out-of-the-box or Enterprise: Choosing the Right Grants Management Software

By Michelle Wohl on 09/29/2015

Are you excited about Fluxx but left wondering which Fluxx Grantmaker platform – Streamline or Enterprise – is right for you?

Whether you are a foundation, corporate giving entity, government, medical research foundation, or nonprofit, we want to help you better understand what each version of our grants management solution brings to the table so that you can make an informed decision that will most benefit your organization’s needs and processes.

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What Should My Grants Management Solution Do for Me?

By Aaron Lester on 08/03/2015


Grantmaking can be a complex and time consuming venture, even for relatively small or mid-sized grantmakers, to say nothing of the foundations paying out grants in the millions or even billions of dollars. Managing the entire process – tracking scores of applications, reviewers, requirements, and payments all simultaneously – takes serious planning, foresight, and a good grants management software solution.

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