How to Blow Up Grantee Reporting and Create a More Valuable Feedback Loop

By Aaron Lester on 04/27/2017

Although reporting can be a great opportunity to share the advancement of an organization’s work, the grantee report is at risk of becoming nothing more than a tedious task that contributes little value to you or your grantee.

Instead of being used as a launching pad for iteration and improvement, these reports too often go unread or underutilized.

It’s time to reframe the future of grantee reporting.

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How Foundations Can Empower Grantseekers and Reduce Grantee Burden

By Aaron Lester on 10/24/2016

Many nonprofits struggle under the weight of grantee burden. Any unnecessary hoops that grantees are forced to jump through only serve to stifle the impact that they (and their funders) seek to achieve. As a funder, any time you can minimize the  amount of time, effort, and money that nonprofits spend seeking and receiving grants, you increase their capacity to focus on what they do best – their mission-related work.

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Can Grants Management Software Really Alleviate Grantee Burden?

By Aaron Lester on 04/27/2016

Foundation leaders have told us that before they implemented new grants management software, they worried that a new system, including an online grants application, would be a hassle  for prospective and existing grantees.

It turns out that their personal experience with grants management software has proven otherwise. It busted that myth wide open. These same foundation leaders ultimately found that grants management software didn’t just benefit their own teams – it was also a major win for their grantees.

So, how does good grants management software alleviate the burden from your grantees?

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