Breaking Down Silos: Three Ways to Collaborate at Your Foundation

By Newsroom on 08/14/2018


A new generation is redefining social sector leadership with a work style that maximizes efficiency through collaboration. And you don’t have to be a millennial to harness the power of information sharing.

Here are three ways to access your foundation's valuable internal resources by simply communicating with colleagues:

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Foundations: Your Impact Depends on How You Collaborate With Your Grantees

By Aaron Lester on 09/14/2017

It's vitally important that foundations and nonprofits engage and collaborate in a healthy two-way relationship to bring about the change they both seek. But there is often a wide disconnect between how funders and grantees go about their work.

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What Is Collective Action in Philanthropy? And Why You Need to Care.

By Aaron Lester on 06/20/2017

By joining forces in a coordinated effort, grantmakers, grantees, communities, and other stakeholders passionate about similar issues have the potential to create meaningful and lasting impact. This kind of collective action approach has the potential to address the most pressing and complex societal challenges of our time.

But what exactly is collective action? And why should you care? First: the why.

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Ignite! 2017: The Fluxx Community Inspires for 2 Days in San Francisco

By Aaron Lester on 05/17/2017

We are right in the middle of the 2017 Ignite! Grantmaker Summit and I couldn’t be more energized and inspired. It is great to see so many good people gathered in one place, learning new skills and gaining a renewed focus on their missions. 

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Program Officers: Four Ways To Create Stronger Grantee Relationships for Greater Impact

By Aaron Lester on 01/18/2017

The ultimate goal of any foundation is to create change. And program officers play a critical role in making that happen. But the program officer’s job is challenging. Not only must they be experts in their funding areas, but they also serve as relationship builders and key decision makers within their foundations.

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Free to Fail: Foundation Philanthropy's Game-Changing Advantage

By Kevin Jennings, Executive Director, Arcus Foundation on 01/10/2017

This post first appeared on The Center for Effective Philanthropy blog.

The central paradox of The Future of Foundation Philanthropy can be found in one fact: while two out of three foundation CEOs think it’s possible for foundations to make a significant difference in the world, only about one out of every eight of us feel we actually are making such a difference. What’s behind this “aspiration gap,” as it has been called by The Bridgespan Group? I think it is because we are squandering the biggest advantage foundation executives have: we are free to fail.

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The 3 Most Important Ways to Share Data for Greater Impact

By Aaron Lester on 10/27/2016

There’s no denying it. The way we work has fundamentally changed. Our cloud-based, bring-your-own-device, collaborative workspaces – virtual and brick-and-mortar –  bear very little resemblance to the foundations of even a decade ago. The technology that makes all this possible is also generating new ways for grantmakers to do their work — specifically, the ability to access and leverage data like never before.

To make the most out of this new work environment, foundations are opting into a culture of data-sharing and transparency.

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Foundations: Create Broader Impact With a Culture of Collaboration

By Aaron Lester on 09/21/2016

Philanthropy is changing. A new guard of social sector leadership is establishing a new way of working that maximizes impact and efficiency by promoting technology, transparency, and willingness to learn.

The key to this new way of thinking is collaboration — and this goes beyond the ease with which technology allows us to convene, share, and work together. And it transcends age: You don’t have to be a Millennial to understand the power of information sharing.

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