How To Value Grantee Voices For More Meaningful Impact Assessment

by Aaron Lester on Aug 17, 2017 6:09:00 AM

Measuring impact is challenging. There’s no two ways about it. Some funders skip important steps in development while others fail to pay enough...

Grantmakers: What Do Puppies and Organizational Change Have to Do With Each Other?

This post first appeared in the Blue Shield of California Foundation blog. Thank you to Gywyneth for sharing her puppies (pictured above) with us!

How to Embody the 5 Characteristics of an Effective Grant Writer

by Kristen Evans on Aug 10, 2017 7:18:29 AM

As any good grant writer knows, our job involves far more than writing proposals. There’s program staff to interview, data to track, and plenty of...

That Nagging Question: Is Philanthropy As Effective As It Can Be?

by Jason Ricci on Aug 7, 2017 10:51:00 AM

Americans gave nearly $400 billion to charitable organizations and individuals last year – to make education work better for our children, put food...

How Mission Ambassadors Are Changing the Way Nonprofits Tell Their Stories

by Aaron Lester on Aug 3, 2017 7:09:00 AM

Brand ambassadorship is the new wave taking over marketing. Let's face it, the media-savvy among us harbor a healthy skepticism of marketing pitches....

No More ‘Necessary Evil’: Create Grantee Reports with Indispensable Value

by Kristen Evans on Jul 27, 2017 6:42:00 AM

Depending on the requirements of your funder, you’ll most likely have to file a detailed report about your financials, along with an evaluation of...

Want to Secure More Grant Money? Tell a Good Story.

by Aaron Lester on Jul 20, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Grant Writers: How to Lean Into Rejection and Turn ‘Thanks, But No Thanks’ Into an Opportunity

by Aaron Lester on Jul 13, 2017 7:26:02 AM

You spent hours upon hours researching, preparing, and writing what your team knows is the perfect grant proposal — a proposal that meets each one...

Understanding These 4 Common Grants Will Make You a Better Grant Writer

by Aaron Lester on Jul 6, 2017 2:09:21 PM

Fundraising and donations are key components of any nonprofit’s development plan, but those strategies alone often won’t cover everything your...

4 Best Practices That Will Make You Be a Better Grant Writer

by Kristen Evans on Jun 29, 2017 6:36:30 AM

Whether you’re a brand new nonprofit or your development team is growing fast, the pressures of grant writing mean development staff members nearly...