Out-of-the-box or Enterprise: Choosing the Right Grants Management Software



Are you excited about Fluxx but left wondering which Fluxx Grantmaker platform – Streamline or Enterprise – is right for you?

Whether you are a foundation, corporate giving entity, government, medical research foundation, or nonprofit, we want to help you better understand what each version of our grants management solution brings to the table so that you can make an informed decision that will most benefit your organization’s needs and processes.

Grantmaker Streamline

Grantmaker Streamline offers the best of Fluxx – based on the best practices of more than 150 Grantmaker Enterprise clients – in an affordable, carefully-crafted, off-the-shelf solution. With Grantmaker Streamline’s self-service wizard, foundations with a single, universal application and more flexible processes can get up and running with Fluxx in less than a day!

Streamline is probably right for you if your system has:

  • A universal application form
  • A simple approval process
  • Universal permissions for your staff
Upgrade to Grantmaker Enterprise

Grantmaker Enterprise offers all of the benefits of Grantmaker Streamline along with a rich set of additional features for organizations who need a more complex build to meet their unique systems and processes.

With Enterprise, you can customize multiple application forms, utilize external reviewer and board portals, and integrate with other useful platforms, including accounting software, electronic signature technology, and external cloud storage backups. And Enterprise gives you more flexibility and customization options with a full-implementation process, from discovery of your current data management systems through to the build and trainings.

Enterprise is probably right for you if your system has:

  • Multiple application forms
  • Multiple funding sources & multi-tier budgeting
  • Role-based permissions to view, edit and review
  • External Review or Board Portals
  • Potential Conflicts of Interest tracking
  • Program-related Investments
  • Email template configurability needs
  • Integrations, including accounting integrations, OFAC, Docusign, and much more!
  • Multi-Currency or Multi-Language needs

With Enterprise, we start with a collaborative analysis with your team to determine the complexity in customization of your build and then designate the best implementation plan for you.

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Get Started Today

Sign up today for your free 30-day trial of Grantmaker Streamline. Grantmaker Streamline is a great way to begin using our intuitive interface of dashboards and cards as well as some of Fluxx's top features and luckily any data added to your Streamline instance can easily be transferred over to Enterprise when the time is right for additional configuration and integrations!

Contact us if you have further questions about which platform is right for you!

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Written by Michelle Wohl