Grants Management Software Fluxx Announces Strategy Pivot, Releases Groundbreaking Product


April_1_blog_banner2.jpgSan Francisco – (April 1, 2016) - After six years of developing leading edge, state-of-the-art grants management software, Fluxx Labs announces today that it will be pivoting its strategy to focus all of its resources on locally sourced, handcrafted grantmaking-as-a-service (GaaS) solutions.

“When we really took the time to think about it,” said Fluxx cofounder and CEO, Jason Ricci, “we knew what the philanthropic sector was really yearning for was well-curated, responsibly sourced, artisanal grantmaking. Anybody can make a grant, but can your grant be written on heirloom papyrus using the ink of organic beet juice that has been aged in reclaimed oak casks?”

Each grant that passes through the hands of a Fluxx crafts(wo)man is tenderly labored over for days, sometimes weeks, before the prototype grant is passed along to journey(wo)men grantcrafters who inspect each element of the grant to ensure only the highest quality specimens see the light of day. Grant scrolls are then couriered by rescue owls, trained by data scientist-turned-falconry expert, David Goodman.

“Sure, it takes longer. And yes, overall, fewer grants are made,” said Kerrin Mitchell, cofounder and CRO at Fluxx. “But it’s so worth it when you hold one of these grants in your hands for the first time. It takes you back to an age when things were built to last, not mass produced. Efficiency is highly overrated.”

In a parallel move, the company is taking the industry lead in adopting a free-range management style. The shift signals the importance of leveraging core competencies while gaining full buy-in from the Fluxx team by allowing them roam about freely, as if in the wild.

“It is what it is,” said Andrea Bouch, director of single origin solutions (S.O.S). “I mean it’s fine. They took our laptops. No Internet. I’m kind of freaking out.”

About Fluxx

Until April 1, Fluxx grants management software simplified and automated the entire grantmaking process, making your philanthropy more effective and enabling you to achieve a deeper level of impact. Fluxx gave funders of all shapes and sizes unprecedented access to the data and information they need to make smarter mission-critical decisions. While creating a more transparent, accessible, and connected grants management ecosystem, Fluxx allowed more vital resources to flow to the people and organizations working to make the world a better place. Now, Fluxx is focused solely on artisanal grantmaking.

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Written by Aaron Lester