Central Valley Community Foundation Empowered by Greater Efficiency and Quality Data



Kelvin Alfaro, program officer at the Central Valley Community Foundation (formerly the Fresno Regional Foundation) knew there had to be a way to manage the grantmaking process more efficiently and effectively. Prior to 2013 the foundation was creating their own system of forms which made it tedious and time consuming to manage different grant cycles.   

“We had the ability to build forms, yet there was no real workflow,” Alfaro said about his former system of managing grants. “We would have to download all of our data into a .csv format spreadsheet and play around with it until it was encoded properly. We would then mail merge them, separate them, and file them away. It was very time consuming and we knew that if we implemented a grants management system, we would be able to service our customers better and more efficiently.”

Inefficient workflows was just one of the pain points that Alfaro ran into. Because of the lack of processes in place, it was hard for him and his team to trust the quality of the data at hand, which forced them to spend a lot of time double-checking to ensure data accuracy.

“Data integrity is incredibly important to the Central Valley Community Foundation. We need to have accurate data and we need to be able to trust it,” Alfaro said.

Since implementing Fluxx, the day-to-day workflow for Alfaro and his team has improved significantly. “Everything that we need to do our job is linked together within Fluxx, which is a beautiful thing,” he added.

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Written by Jaime Morocco