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What My Two-Year-Old Taught Me About Grants Management

By Patrick Taylor on 01/12/2016

 The author, Patrick Taylor of the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and his daughter, Rose.

I am the lucky father of a wonderful two-year-old girl, Rose. She is silly, inquisitive, sweet, curious, playful, cuddly, and a lot of fun. She is also a tough cookie. Anyone who has dealt with a two-year-old knows what irrational balls of anger they can sometimes be. Being a father has taught me a lot of lessons that apply to the world of grants management. After all, in our role as grants managers, we are often in a compliance position, telling people what they can and cannot do, and trying to get sometimes reluctant people to go along with your program.

Here are some of the lessons that being a parent has taught me about  grants management.

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