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Surdna Foundation Has a Plan To Build Strong Local Economies

By Mitch Nauffts, Foundation Center on 05/17/2016

You don't need a political scientist to tell you something is amiss in America. It's there, lurking, in the presidential primary campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, in our social media feeds, in between the lines of recent reports detailing falling mortality rates and rising rates of opioid addiction among working-class Americans.

It's part frustration, part anger, but mostly anxiety about the economy and our economic future. Where have good jobs for average Americans gone? Are technology and globalization benefiting or hurting the economy? And where will new good jobs — the kind that make it possible for young Americans to pay off their student loans, buy a home, raise a family — come from?

Mitch Nauffts of the Foundation Center's Philanthropy News Digest recently spoke with Surdna Foundation's José García about philanthropy's role in building a stronger economy.

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