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Foundations: 5 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Tech Consultant

by Eliza Smith on 05/24/2017

Undoubtedly, your foundation is equipped with the staff, tools, and expertise to make strategic grants, and maximize your impact. However, sometimes...

3 Ways to Ensure Capacity Building Grants Help Nonprofits Become More Tech Savvy

by Eliza Smith on 05/10/2017

Nonprofits are often forced into a “grantseekers dilemma.” For example, sometimes an organization applies for a grant that requires a certain kind...

What Are Capacity-Building Grants and Why Are They Game Changers?

by Eliza Smith on 05/20/2016

I am all for the most recent developments in philanthropy. For example, I like data: It helps us measure things like program quality and even...

Grants Managing Up: How to Get Your Team to Say Yes to a New Grants Management System

by Eliza Smith on 04/08/2016

So, you’ve decided to start using grants management software or switch to a new grants management system at your foundation. Great! Your life is...

Grantmakers: 3 Reasons Foundations Should Adopt New Technology Now

by Eliza Smith on 03/15/2016

4 Reasons Grants Managers Should Never Fear The Cloud

by Eliza Smith on 02/23/2016

Cloud computing is everywhere, and it’s here to stay. “[Cloud] technology is no longer novel. In fact it has become the dominant paradigm in IT,”...

Grantmaker Awareness: Essential for Building Sector-Wide Capacity

by Eliza Smith on 01/14/2016

Philanthropy leaders are at their most strategic and are empowered to build capacity when they have a strong awareness of themselves, their...

Nonprofits: How Data Helps You Get Better at What You Do

by Eliza Smith on 08/14/2015

I’m just going to come right out and say it: data is here to stay. Whether you can’t wait to crunch numbers, or you avoid metrics like the plague,...

Philanthropy and Transparency: Ford Foundation Sheds Light on Grantees' Work

by Eliza Smith on 03/09/2015
This blog post first appeard on Transparency Talk, the Glasspockets blog. Glasspockets is a Foundation Center initiative that champions philanthropic...